The 378-unit high-rise NEXUS, being developed in downtown Seattle, has earned headlines recently for its initial sales success.

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SEATTLE — NEXUS, a 378-unit high-rise condominium being developed at the corner of Howell Street and Minor Avenue in downtown Seattle, has earned headlines recently for its initial sales success. According to early homebuyers, there are many reasons for that.

Chad Zinda, a Seattle-based real estate agent who waited in line to secure his condominium on the weekend NEXUS debuted for presales, says his primary motivation to purchase at NEXUS was the sheer scarcity of new homes available in downtown Seattle. With so few projects in the pipeline, he says it was important to secure his position at NEXUS, especially given the building’s cutting-edge design and smart innovations.

Zinda says he looks forward to the way NEXUS living will improve his quality of life, with easy access to shopping, dining and proximity to the regional light-rail system.

The future was also at the forefront of Cyrus Fiene’s mind, another local real estate agent. In addition to representing several buyers, Fiene says he couldn’t resist purchasing a home at NEXUS for himself.

Fiene says he was compelled by the investment opportunity at NEXUS. As a savvy market observer, he understands the upward market trajectory that downtown Seattle is experiencing.

“With prices escalating at such a rapid pace and fear of being priced out of the market, NEXUS was a no-brainer,” Fiene says. “Many NEXUS buyers, like myself, have the option to use it as a primary residence, rental property or sell it for profit after building completion.”

For some homebuyers, NEXUS was a logical next step within a dynamic urban location that they already call home.

That was the case for Michelle Gottschlich, a physician currently living down the street from the NEXUS development site. Gottschlich took the leap into homeownership when she discovered NEXUS, and was attracted to its fusion of location, new-construction quality and modern amenities.

Denise Cruz, a human resources benefits administrator now living in Green Lake, says she saw a sign for NEXUS while commuting to work downtown and decided it was time for her to stop renting.

“Rents are so unpredictable and it’s really hard to afford housing in Seattle,” says Cruz. By securing a condominium during presale now, she says she is protecting herself from the volatility of the rental market.

Cruz will also vastly improve her commute. At NEXUS, she’ll be able to walk from her new condominium to her workplace, and enjoy the shopping, restaurants and entertainment options that are planned for the burgeoning neighborhood.

Also motivating to homebuyers are the unique technology advancements and amenities that are not available in existing buildings. A top attraction consistently noted by buyers is the rooftop terrace, which is viewed as a place for respite and relaxation in the heart of the city.

NEXUS is more than 80 percent presold. Occupancy is scheduled for mid-2019.