Follow Captain Coho and her SalmonMobile on a journey to Puget Sound.

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Captain Coho’s trip to the beach includes learning about Puget Sound salmon and the people who help keep them healthy.

“We live near this stream and help take care of the salmon,” the citizen scientists tell Captain Coho.

“Why? How do you take care of salmon?” Captain Coho wondered out loud.

“We are so glad you asked!” piped up the scientists. “It is normal to find dead salmon in the streams, but many of these salmon are dying before they had a chance to lay their eggs. This is called prespawn mortality, and it is caused by polluted stormwater runoff in the streams.”

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One scientist said, “Coho, a type of salmon living in Puget Sound like you Captain, are very sensitive to polluted water that gets into our streams from dirty stormwater runoff. The pollution makes it difficult for fish to breath, smell, and harms their heart. Scientists are still trying to figure out what chemicals are responsible for prespawn mortality.”

Learn more about salmon, scientists and the Puget Sound.

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