KCTS 9 is not owned by a corporation. It’s owned by you — the people of this community.

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Our mission at KCTS 9 is to inspire a smarter world, and we express that mission through great storytelling that creates conversations.

KCTS 9 is not owned by a corporation. It’s owned by you — the people of this community. In fact, more than 60 percent of our revenue comes from individual donations.

Our donors love the variety of great programming, including British dramas such as “Downton Abbey” on “Masterpiece” and “Doc Martin”; science programs such as “NOVA” and “Nature”; the best in music and arts programming, including “American Masters”; as well as locally produced programs such as “IN Close” and “EarthFix,” which feature in-depth stories that matter here in the Northwest.

We believe that our community benefits from strong public media — especially our youngest viewers. At KCTS 9, we provide educational experiences to inspire lifelong learning. Many of our viewers grew up watching “Sesame Street” and “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”; today their children are enjoying “Thomas & Friends,” “Arthur,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and more.

Why give to KCTS 9? For many of our donors, it’s a matter of trust. For more than a decade, national surveys have shown that PBS and member stations such as KCTS 9 are among America’s most trusted institutions. Community members support KCTS 9 because they want to ensure the future of balanced, informative, entertaining programs that engage the mind, the imagination and the heart.

We work hard to earn your trust by providing excellent programming, every day. With your support, we can ensure the future of public television in our community for the next generation and beyond.

For more information about KCTS 9, visit www.kcts9.org.