The new book, "Grand Adventures: Dream Big, Plan Quick, Go Explore," is a simple to-do list for planning a big escape.

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Ever wish you could just walk away from your everyday life and go on a grand adventure?

That’s the spirit behind a new book, “Grand Adventures: Dream Big, Plan Quick, Go Explore,” by Alastair Humphreys ($22 at booksellers).

Humphreys calls himself a professional adventurer, having bicycled around the world, walked across India and rowed the Atlantic. But he insists that he’s not especially “brave, strong or athletic.” Rather, he insists that “living adventurously … is nothing more than a choice.” His book, he says, is designed to help people overcome the mental obstacles that keep them from realizing their adventure dreams.

“Grand Adventures” offers strategies for dealing with obstacles like finding the money and time to travel, dealing with commitments and relationships while you’re away, planning and logistics. Quotes and anecdotes from ordinary folks offer inspiration and advice on adventures ranging from relatively simple trips like backpacking around Europe to extremely challenging undertakings like traveling to the North and South Pole.

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But it all boils down to Humphreys’ simple to-do list: Start saving and planning your finances, cut down on spending, discuss your plan with loved ones, make a commitment to a departure date, book your first flight, make plans for health care while traveling, prepare for emergencies, organize equipment and sort through whatever bureaucratic hurdles might exist.

The final step on that list is simple: “Begin!”