Art lover? Exhibitionist? Here are 5 Las Vegas activities to suit your personality and interests.

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On the surface, Las Vegas seems to be filled with gamblers and bachelorette parties.

And while that’s true — it’s Vegas, after all — no tourist destination can be that hot without quite a cross section of people taking in the arid air.

With that in mind, here are five must-do activities for five types of Las Vegas visitor.


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Hidden — yes, pretty much hidden — inside the Louis Vuitton store in The Crystals shopping center in the Aria Resort is an amazing and free interactive art piece by light and space artist, James Turrell. Imagine the colored-light-filled rooms from Drake’s Hotline Bling video and you start to get the idea.

The work, Akhob, consists of two rooms that slowly change color. Up to six people can stand inside at once. At times, the colors contrast vividly and the curves of the room are clear. Other times, the colors — and the room — flatten in a visual phenomenon known as the ganzfeld effect.

You must reserve a time slot to visit Akhob by calling 702-730-3150 (there’s no website and no advertising). Your party can include up to six people.

Yes, it’s time away from the slots and people-watching, but it is an experience you should not miss if you have any interest in art.


Tucked in next to New York New York is the new urban park/plaza area known simply as The Park. It’s filled with seating and art, and is ringed with an array of great restaurants.

If you’re burned out on the bottles of bland beer many casinos still insist on stocking, head to Beerhaus, where you can have a craft beer and a brat in the sunshine. Yes, there is an outdoors in Vegas, and you can enjoy it at The Park.


You know all those bachelorette parties? They’re often really, really decked out for fancy dinners and trendy clubs. Whether you’re heading to Vegas as part of one or just want to get in on the vibe, it’s the perfect time and place to try on some high-bling style.

Oh, you’re from Seattle and have zero bling? Stop into Rent the Runway in The Cosmopolitan hotel and get some for the day (and night). The store works just like the website, except you can see the dresses and jewelry in person and try them on before renting. Just drop them off before you head home and what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.


The poker room at Aria Resort.
The poker room at Aria Resort.

If you love poker, but haven’t made the jump from amateur status, try your hand in the Aria poker room. The open design means higher-limit tables aren’t hidden away from the lower-limit tables, so when you’re taking it slow you may still see some of your favorite heroes from TV. And there are tourneys throughout the day, every day, so you can try your hand at the big time.


There are a lot of things to see at the Fremont Street Experience downtown — street performers, showgirls and, oh, that giant canopy of lights coordinated with blaring rock music.

If that wasn’t enough of a place to see and be seen, exhibitionists can now ride a zipline, called SlotZilla, through the canopy, over the heads of thousands of onlookers. It only lasts a few seconds, but it’s certainly a unique way to get some attention, all for less than $50.