JayMarc offers three home programs — move-in-ready, presale and custom — for the most suitable option for a family.

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BELLEVUE — In today’s market, there are several paths to choose from when looking for a new home. Specialists at JayMarc Homes can assist in selecting the best and most suitable home program for a family, whether that means moving or building.

“Helping a family discover or build their dream home is my dream job. The homebuilding process doesn’t have to be dry, it should be memorable and just outright fun,” says Brenda Gage, JayMarc’s director of sales.

JayMarc offers three home programs: move-in-ready, presale and custom.

The move-in-ready program is aimed at those who are relocating to the area or have a short moving period. Over the course of a year, JayMarc builds 25–30 move-in-ready houses in Bellevue and Mercer Island.

Those looking for the opportunity to personalize aspects of a home, such as hard surfaces, lighting and paint, may prefer the presale program. Purchasing a home before completion will allow for making personal selections.

“If there is absolutely nothing in the market that checks off the family wish list, the best option is to start from scratch,” says Gage.

She says the custom home program is JayMarc’s most popular service. Every month, a free custom building seminar is offered at one of the builder’s available homes. This month’s seminar takes place on July 20 at 6:30 p.m. Those interested in attending are asked to email Alexa Upper at alexa@jaymarchomes.com.