Do you work with data? You’re in a red-hot field.

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Employee-review site Glassdoor recently released its annual Best Jobs in America report, and it should surprise no one that four of its top five jobs are in technology.

Glassdoor’s scoring system was based on three key factors: earning potential based on median annual base salary, a job satisfaction rating and the number of job openings. Here are the site’s Top 5 Best Jobs in America for 2017.

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1. Data scientist (number of job openings: 4,184; median base salary: $110,000)

2. DevOps engineer (number of job openings: 2,725; median base salary: $110,000)

3. Data engineer (number of job openings: 2,599; median base salary: $106,000)

4. Tax manager (number of job openings: 3,317; median base salary: $110,000)

5. Analytics manager (number of job openings: 1,958; median base salary: $112,000)