His days are spent editing videos, animating graphics and tackling technical challenges like trying to project video onto a giant metal dragonfly.

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Kevin Harvey

What do you do? I am the video producer for the curatorial team at the Museum of Pop Culture. My main responsibility is to create all the video and motion graphics content for the new exhibits and make sure they all work properly.  
How did you get that job? Like many aspiring artists, I started as an indie filmmaker but I eventually started taking more paid gigs until it became full time. OK, I sold out! But I had a great network of film and video friends and I was very fortunate that when this unique position was opening, I was recommended as a candidate to take the helm.
What’s a typical day like? I spend a lot of time editing video or animating graphics and figuring out how to back up all the content. But there’s always crazy technical problems to solve. “Can we project this video into a giant metal dragonfly? Can you span this video over a wall made of old televisions? Can you go to L.A. tomorrow to interview some awesome filmmakers for the new horror exhibit?”
What’s the best part of the job? One of my favorite parts of this job is the variance of projects. Every year and every exhibit brings different adventures and challenges. It’s great to be involved in every aspect of making the videos instead of working tirelessly as an editor or an animator or a producer. I get to enjoy all the different flavors of making a video.
What surprises people about what you do? I think most people think of white sterile walls when they think of museums. I love seeing people’s reactions when they see the amount of work and the level of immersion that goes into the exhibits. Even the people we feature in the exhibits, when they see it for the first time, there is usually a resounding, “Oh! I had no idea it was going to be this cool!”

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