Bejeweled Blitz product manager, who started out working on the Xbox at Microsoft, always knew he wanted to work in games.

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What do you do? I’m the product manager for Bejeweled Blitz on iOS, Android and Facebook. I work with the game development team to design and implement new features and content for millions of daily players around the world.

How did you get started in gaming? My first job in games was at Microsoft, on the Xbox, looking at customer behavior and purchasing habits for AAA [high-budget] console titles. I always knew I wanted to work in games, and it was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door in the industry.

What’s a typical day like? My typical day involves working with people from different disciplines like design, art and engineering. PopCap employs a great balance of game feel and analytics to develop new features. I dig into player data to understand how players are interacting with our game, and work with the team to design new ideas that we think players will enjoy.

What’s the best part of the job? I love working on a feature, then releasing it to find that players are just as excited to play and interact with it as [I’d] hoped. The game-play data never ceases to amaze me, and it’s fascinating to see how players engage with your games. Players will often interact with our games in ways we’d never expect.

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What surprises people about your work? I think people are surprised by how much thought and consideration goes into designing features for even the most casual video games. At PopCap, we have a very high quality bar, and everything in the game goes through rigorous testing and multiple stages of design before players see it. It’s one of the key reasons PopCap games are so beloved.