With a little more than three months left in 2016, step up efforts to prove your worth to your organization.

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Many companies conduct year-end performance evaluations, at which point raises and promotions are determined. If you’re striving for a pay raise or a new position, this is the time to be prepared to campaign for yourself and convey your abilities.

With a little more than three months left in 2016, it’s not too late to set yourself up for success. Here’s how.

Evaluate your skill set and work performance. If you’re striving for a promotion, take inventory of the required skills and experience and how your own background compares. If there are any gaps you can fill, get started on creating and implementing an action plan. Additionally, evaluate the quality of your work performance. Between now and the end of December, kick your performance and productivity level up a notch.

Meet with your manager. Schedule a meeting with your manager to accomplish two goals. First, ensure you have clarity on his or her key priorities for the rest of the year. Your job, in part, is to make your manager’s job easier. Find out what keeps your boss up at night and how you can help support these goals. Second, discuss your career aspirations. Share your development plan and ask for feedback on any other actions you can take to better position yourself for that future promotion. Ask for your manager’s support in your quest to continue learning and developing in your career.

Get noticed. As you’re putting forth the effort to improve work performance and your skill set, ensure you’re getting noticed for the right reason by the right people within your organization. There are many ways to do this, such as volunteering for a project, helping your co-workers, becoming a go-to expert and continuously proving that you’re an asset.

Be a problem solver. To further convey your value, become a problem solver. This means going to your boss with proposed solutions instead of questions and problems. This mind-set shift can be a difficult one to master, but start now and it will propel your career success.

Start practicing your negotiation skills. Asking for the promotion or raise you want can be nerve-wracking, but year-end evaluations aren’t a surprise. Start practicing your negotiation skills now! Have a clear sense of what you want (both in terms of position and pay) and what value you add to the company (create a list of your accomplishments), and then practice the delivery of your pitch.

Lisa Quast is a certified executive coach, and the author of the book Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach. Email her at lquast@careerwomaninc.com.