Think freelancers and consultants are living the dream? Well, yes and no.

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Decide this day will be different. This day, you will complete your to-do list.

Look at your to-do list and immediately cross out the eight things you know you won’t complete.

Schedule a lunch meeting for next week to get you out of your pajamas and out of your home office.

Consider wearing a surgical mask when you leave the house so you don’t get sick because, you know, high deductible and crappy insurance plan. Wonder if there’s any way to make a surgical mask look fashionable.

Stop thinking in terms of a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 workweek. Work on the weekends or evenings, and enjoy pushing your cart through the empty aisles of Trader Joe’s on a Tuesday morning, chuckling at the poor saps who are chained to their office jobs.

Fill your cart at Trader Joe’s with Joe-Joe’s, wasabi peas and other snack foods. Text your accountant and ask her if work snacks can be considered a business expense.

Message a freelancer friend on Facebook and commiserate about unappreciative clients who offer lower and lower rates while asking for more and more. While on Facebook, see several shared articles that look interesting but long (I’m looking at you, The Atlantic!). Save the links to read later.

Eat a whole box of Joe-Joe’s.

Pull yourself together and apply for a new gig that looks promising, despite the dismal employee reviews.

High on sugar, power through a short assignment that you can deliver today along with the invoice.

Speaking of invoices, review your finances and see what monies are due to you. Send reminders to any deadbeats whose invoices are past due. Congratulate yourself on your firm and savvy business acumen. Groan when you remember that you haven’t paid your quarterlies.

Open your mailbox and realize you just sent a stern overdue notice to a client whose check just arrived.

Think about getting your daily steps in by walking to the bank to deposit the check. Drive. Stop at a Starbucks on the way home for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s pumpkin spice latte season, people!

Contemplate updating your website and/or your résumé, sigh, and break out the wasabi peas. Watch last week’s episode of “Outlander” instead.

Throw in a load of laundry, including the grotty pajamas you consider daywear.

Get a second wind and dive into a long-term project as the sun goes down. Send a flurry of emails so your client and stakeholders will be dazzled by your work ethic when they log on in the morning.

Put on fresh pajamas, tumble into bed in the wee hours of the morning and fall into the untroubled sleep of someone who just put in a hard day’s night.

Wake up and decide this day will be different.

Jennifer Worick is a veteran freelancer/contractor, publishing consultant and New York Times bestselling author. Email her at