A new accountant's job isn't adding up to the one she thought she landed. Should she leave?

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Q: I am trying to decide whether I should leave my new job. Several months ago, I achieved my goal of becoming a certified public accountant. After a rigorous interview process, I was hired by a small private company. This position appealed to me because it reported directly to the CEO.

Unfortunately, I am now beginning to feel more like a secretary than an accountant. Most of my assignments are administrative in nature and have nothing to do with accounting. I like the CEO, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate my professional skills. Should I leave or wait to see if things improve?

A: Something clearly went awry during your “rigorous interview process.” Maybe you neglected to clarify job responsibilities, or perhaps someone provided misleading information. But either way, you must now do a quick reassessment of your career prospects.

Since the CEO controls your fate with this company, you need to determine how he views your role. If he has never before worked with a professional accountant, he may actually have no clue about what you have to offer. Some basic education about the accounting function might solve that problem.

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But if your boss was really looking for an administrative assistant, then he has obviously made a huge hiring error. In that case, it’s time to cut your losses and find an employer who understands your value.

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