In the U.S., it takes an average of nearly 24 days from the time a job seeker first applies for a job to receiving an offer or rejection letter.

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It may seem to job seekers that the hiring process takes forever, but in fact, the average time to hire in the United States is 23.8 days.

That’s according to Glassdoor, which studied interview reviews posted on its site to measure the time it takes from application submission to receiving an offer or rejection letter.

How did the U.S. compare to other countries? The site says it has a lengthier hiring process, on average, than India (16.1 days) and Israel (16.9 days), but shorter time-to-hire than Brazil (39.6 days), France (38.9 days) and Switzerland (37.6 days).

“Glassdoor’s study found that the more regulatory hurdles companies face within their local labor markets, the more difficult it will be to hire — and fire — employees, directly impacting how long it takes to fill open roles,” Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist, said in a press release.

In the U.S., it takes significantly longer to get a government job (53.8 days) than a job in a restaurant (12.3 days), the site found.

And among professions, it takes far longer to hire a professor (60.3 days), business systems analyst (44.8 days) or research scientist (44.6 days) than it does a waiter (8 days), retail representative (8.5 days) or delivery driver (8.5 days).