Seattle-based writer, director and producer of commercials, television shows and feature films loves the variety, constant challenges and camaraderie of the business.

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What do you do? I direct and produce films and commercials.

How did you get started? I started as a writer and got the chance to pull some film shoots together. It grew from there. Today I write, direct and produce commercials and television shows mostly (not all of those jobs on every project!). I try to direct a feature film every couple of years.

What’s a typical day like? Every day is unique because you’re tackling new challenges all the time. Most days are quite long and fast-paced — 14- to 16-hour days are typical on a shoot. Mornings are about dealing with last-minute changes, then it’s shoot, shoot, shoot for 10-12 hours before reviewing the footage, dealing with problems and planning out the next day’s shoot.

What’s the best part of the job? I love the variety, the constant challenges and the camaraderie. We take on difficult shoots and try to make them look great. That means depending on the talents of many different people to pull it all together. When it works, it’s something everyone contributed to, and that makes people close.

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What surprises people about your job? How glamorous the movie business isn’t. Working on a film, even movie stars tend to be pretty down-to-earth folks just trying to figure out the best way to get the day’s work done. What is fun about the job is that you get to do new crazy things every day — whether it’s hanging off bridges or dressing up 100 people like pilgrims. The constant challenges keep it fun.