Jones Advertising director/manager works on campaigns for clients such as Ben Bridge, Washington State Fair, and Sleep Country USA.

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David Edgerton

What do you do? I’m a creative director and account manager at Jones Advertising, one of Seattle’s leading ad agencies. I develop and manage client relationships, communication strategies and advertising campaigns for a variety of clients like Ben Bridge, Washington State Fair, and Sleep Country USA.

How did you get started in that field? I originally studied film and video production, but when I couldn’t find a job in that field, took a job answering phones at a local ad agency. I immediately started volunteering for extra work and taking on creative assignments. Eventually I worked my way in to the creative department as a junior copywriter.

What’s a typical day like? One day I might be knee-deep in planning a client’s annual marketing budget, or casting, writing or directing a TV or radio commercial. The next day might find me developing a communication strategy or working on a new business pitch. Sometimes, all of those things happen on the same day.

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What’s the best part of (or best thing that’s happened on) the job? It’s always fun and satisfying to hear and/or see my work on the Internet, radio and television. But walking up on stage to accept an Emmy was one of the biggest thrills. Then, last year I appeared with my agency on the AMC documentary series “The Pitch,” which was a new and interesting challenge.

What surprises people about your job? I get calls from a lot of people who have “a great idea” for a commercial. They typically don’t understand that commercials have to follow a communication strategy and meet specific objectives for a client. They also seem disappointed that we don’t get to just think up neat ideas for clients we don’t represent.

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