Seattle-based Gailing uses astrology as a tool for counseling and coaching people.

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Stephanie Gailing

What do you do? I’m an astrologer and wellness consultant.

How did you get started in that field? I’d been involved in wellness education my whole career. Astrology entered into the mix in 1993, when I had a reading with an astrologer who shared profound insights into elements of myself that really resonated with me. It was an incredibly healing experience! In that moment, I realized I wanted to learn this language so that I could help people experience greater self-awareness and well-being.

What’s a typical day like? I’ll do one-on-one sessions with clients, either at my Capitol Hill office or via phone with those not in the Seattle area. I’ll spend some time writing: crafting an article, blog post or sharing insights on social media. I also frequently teach classes (AstroSalons, as I call them), either at my space or such spots as the Cloud Room (where I’m the astrologer-in-residence) or JuiceBox.

What’s the best part of the job? Through my work, I meet so many amazing people: clients, those who attend my classes or read my writing, colleagues with whom I collaborate. Additionally, knowing that I’m making a positive contribution to others’ lives is unbelievably satisfying; it’s so rewarding to hear clients speak about how our sessions enable them to feel more aware and empowered, and make better choices.

What surprises people about what you do? That I do what I do, that being an astrologer can be a career. I think that’s because when people think about astrology they think that it’s limited to horoscopes and sun sign columns. So when I tell people that I use astrology as a tool for counseling and coaching people, they’re very surprised … and then very intrigued.

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