Nothing like getting a jar of gravy or two left gloves at the office gift exchange.

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We get it: picking out the perfect gift for the workplace Secret Santa exchange is tough. In most cases, it’s the thought that counts, right?

But as CareerBuilder’s annual holiday survey shows, not everyone puts a lot of thought into it. Some of the most unusual gifts workers say they’ve received from a co-worker during the holiday season:

—Two left-handed gloves

—A coconut bra

—Jar of gravy

—A fake lottery ticket

—A real stuffed duck

—Toilet paper that looked like money

—Post-it Notes

—Dish detergent

—A pen holder that looks like a crime scene victim

—A comic book of an obscure movie

—A handmade ornament for a sports team the recipient had never heard of

—A singing chicken

—A whip