If you’re looking for a job outside your current employer, it can be helpful to avoid giving away your job search so it won’t sour your relationship with your boss. Shhh…here are six tips to keep your job search quiet.

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If you’re looking for a job outside your current employer, proceed with caution. If you’re discovered, it might sour your relationship with your boss, which can be detrimental if you change your mind about getting another job.

Hiding your job search can be difficult in this era of social media use, so always think before you act when it comes to posting anything online or discussing your activity with others — especially co-workers. Here are six tips to avoid giving away your job search.

Keep your profiles current. Always keep your online profiles up to date so you won’t trigger suspicions when you’re actively looking. That way, people think you’re diligent in keeping your information accurate, as opposed to thinking you’re job hunting because you rarely make any updates and then suddenly make changes.

Lie low electronically. Unless you are unemployed or working for yourself, avoid social media posts telling others that you’re looking for a job. That might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people discuss their job hunt in social media forums and then can’t figure out how their employer and co-workers found out.

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Be careful what you display online. If you join online job-hunting groups, make sure they’re hidden from view in your social media profiles. For example, on LinkedIn you can change your group settings so certain ones aren’t visible on your public profile.

Conduct your job search from home. Many companies have policies against employees using company equipment for personal use. Don’t use your work computer or telephone in your job search, as these leave traceable electronic footprints. Besides, co-workers may overhear your telephone conversations in a cubicle environment.

Schedule interviews during time off. Take advantage of your days off when you have telephone or in-person interviews. Don’t use work time; that’s the same as stealing from the company.

Know who your friends are. A client once confidentially shared with a co-worker that she was looking for another job. The next day, her boss confronted her about her job search. It turned out the co-worker had shared the  information with others. Remember, not everyone at work is your friend (or able to keep secrets), so be careful whom you tell.

Lisa Quast is the founder of Career Woman, Inc., and the author of the book Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach. Email her at lquast@careerwomaninc.com.