Wondering why it has been so difficult to move into a management position? The obstacle holding you back from moving up in your career is most likely YOU. Here are 20 things that could be ruining your promotion opportunities.

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Many people contact me for career coaching because they’re frustrated that they haven’t been promoted into a management position. More often than not, what spills out with their story is how unseen forces over which they have no control seem to be keeping them from career advancement.

I don’t believe these forces are invisible or mysterious; moreover, you do have control over them. Here’s why: The obstacle holding you back from moving up in your career is most likely YOU. To find out if you are the barrier, see if any of these 20 things are true about your behavior.

  1. You show up to meetings late or unprepared.
  2. You don’t get along with co-workers.
  3. You don’t finish projects on time, or you lack project management skills.
  4. You’re a workplace gossip.
  5. You don’t handle conflicts well.
  6. You don’t willingly help others.
  7. You don’t volunteer for difficult assignments or projects.
  8. You appear disorganized (your office, projects or appearance).
  9. You’re uncomfortable presenting to more than five people.
  10. You don’t dress like you already have the job (look the part).
  11. You don’t have a career development plan and can’t demonstrate progress to your manager.
  12. You haven’t shared your career goals with your boss.
  13. You don’t actively solicit constructive criticism (or don’t take feedback well).
  14. You haven’t achieved positive results in your current job.
  15. You haven’t been in your current position for at least one year.
  16. You don’t yet have the necessary skills for a management job.
  17. You lack people-leadership skills (not every good contributor is a good people manager).
  18. You don’t exude a positive, can-do attitude.
  19. Your co-workers don’t come to you for help or advice.
  20. You don’t have an internal sponsor for career help.

Any of these things could be holding you back from being promoted to a management position. These are behaviors that senior management and human resources personnel look at to determine whether someone is ready to be promoted.

Read through the list one more time. See anything else interesting about it? I’ll give you a hint: Every item on the list is within your power to control. To get that promotion you want, take control of your career by overcoming each item on the list.

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Lisa Quast is the founder of Career Woman, Inc., and the author of the book Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach. Email her at lquast@careerwomaninc.com.