“My cat delivered kittens” and other odd reasons for tardiness.

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Homework late? Blame the dog. Late for work? Blame the dog. Or the cat.

Accountemps is out with a new survey of the oddest excuses managers say they’ve heard from tardy employees. Among the latest batch of gems:

• “I drove to my old job out of habit.”

• “I thought I was still on vacation.”

• “I had nothing to wear.”

• “My dog ate my car keys.”

• “I got locked in the gas station restroom and had to wait for someone to get me out.”

• “My cat delivered kittens.”

• “My hair got caught in a fan.”

• “I Super-Glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.”

• “Geese chased me on my way to the car.”

• “I was stuck in an elevator with a kid that pushed the buttons for all of the floors.”