This holiday season, thank the people who get you through the day.

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The holidays are coming, and hopefully, so is some vacation time. But in the mad dash to the finish line, don’t forget the people who helped you get there, like your office spouse, work BFF and coffee buddy. Here are 10 fun ways to give at the office — with a little gift to thank the people who get you through the day.

A Cup of Ambition Mug
Working 9 to 5? Do as Dolly says (sings?) and pour yourself a cup of ambition in this flashy gold foil ceramic mug that holds 11 oz. of goodness. Cheers! $16 at

Jenga Giant Game
Develop strategic thinking and encourage team-building, all with one office gift! Add the tallest classic wood Jenga game to your break room and watch office morale soar. The Jenga Giant block-balancing game can stack over 4 feet tall — more than eight times the size of classic blocks. $91 at Target

Flying Colors Tape Dispenser
It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows … or can it? Add some sunshine to a co-worker’s boring cubicle with a roll of rainbow washi tape from a cute cloud dispenser. $12 at

The office gadget geek will appreciate this “mashable, smashable, rollable, buildable” tactile desk toy that serves as a stress reliever – like a fidget spinner for grown-ups. The pack of 512 round mini magnets can be molded into any shape you choose, over and over again. $24.95 at

Employee of the Moment Notepad
Say thank you in style with this clever notepad of mini-certificates that bestow the “Employee of the Moment” Award for “relatively thankless tasks,” with a fill-in-the-blank for a job well done, and gold-stamp reassurance that “It totally matters!” $8 at Alair (West Seattle) and

Everyday I’m Hustlin Nameplate
They work hard for the money. Give them cred with this fun and funny office nameplate sign that tells it like it is. Also available: “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” $28 at Fireworks Gallery

I Adulted! Stickers for Grown-Ups
There are days you feel like you should get an award just for showing up. Now you can. Robb Pearlman’s hilarious, yet practical, book of 100 stickers congratulates co-workers on such milestones as “I wasn’t late!” “I took a shower today!” “I backed up my computer!” and “I recycled!” Positive reinforcement is a good thing, right? $14.95 at Portage Bay Goods (Fremont) and

Glam Office Tray Done & Done
The Glam Office Tray from Seattle home décor designer Roasanna, Inc., recreates old-school lined notebook paper in porcelain, with stylish gold cursive reading “Done & Done.” Give your favorite Girl Monday-Through-Friday this elegant tray to add style to that sense of accomplishment as she checks off her list. $54 at

Best Year Ever Wall Calendar – 2018
The best is yet to come, if this cheerful wall calendar has anything to say about it. Boost office morale with inspiring slogans such as “Make it fun,” “Forever starts now,” “Pink skies up ahead” and “You make it rain rainbows.” $20 at Northwest Art & Frame (West Seattle) and

“But First … Coffee” Wall Hanging
Celebrate your coffee-break buddy (and show them you really understand) with this Portland-made banner that identifies priorities. The credo “But first … coffee” is laser cut into raw birch wood and comes ready-to-hang with a dark brown cord. Pair with a bag of local coffee beans for maximum effect. $24 at