Capital One plans to open its first retail location in Seattle beginning in 2017

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Seattle’s a hotbed for innovation, a major hiring hub for global companies, home to colleges minting tech-savvy graduates and boasts an impressive roster of angel investors and venture capitalists.  And while Seattle is a big city, it’s one that prides itself on perpetuating a small town feel and ethos of hard work, openness and humility.

Seattle’s innovators are focused on bringing to life ideas that can make a positive, substantive impact in people’s lives. And the banking industry is looking share that in common with them.

With banking so ripe for disruption, there’s no doubt the biggest and smallest industry players understand the need to grow and transform in today’s digital economy. Enter Capital One, who’s aiming to reimagine banking so it’s a simple, straight-forward experience designed with its customers at the core.

“Banking is about more than just interest rates and balance sheets – it’s about an experience, and that experience should make sense for the individual,” says Ryan Laudenbach, Seattle Market Lead for Capital One Cafés. “Consumers deserve a bold bank at their side, and one that helps them move smoothly and swiftly to achieve their financial goals. That’s why our aim is to provide the best tools, services and activities that ensure Seattle residents are empowered, equipped and encouraged in their personal financial journey.”

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As part of that commitment, Capital One plans to open its first retail location in Seattle beginning in 2017 with the introduction of its Capital One Café – offering a space where people can recharge their bank accounts, devices and lives while learning new ways to manage their finances, try out innovative digital and financial tools and grab a cup of coffee.

“There’s no doubt banking is being re-shaped throughout the industry to meet customer demand for more simple and convenient services,” adds Laudenbach. “As our customers and our industry continue to embrace technology, we want to be a leader in evolving our experience to the latest innovations. That’s why we’re excited to build upon our existing presence in Seattle though Capital One Cafés, and continue to strengthen our digital capabilities in a way that supports the growing tech ecosystem across the region.”

Seattle will soon have access to this dynamic space designed to facilitate discovery, conversations, hospitality, education, digital innovation and community events with two locations set for South Lake Union (333 Westlake Ave.) and Bellevue (418 Bellevue Way NE).

“By bringing banking and living together, our cafés reimagine the banking experience as bold technologies disrupt our industry and open up opportunities for us and the neighborhoods we call home,” says Laudenbach. “Customers want a swift, convenient banking experience, and sometimes they want a personal connection, too.”

Meet and greet

Moving a meeting from the office to more neutral ground, like a Capital One Cafe, can re-energize a team and bring new stakeholders together. For those working from home, or from shared office space, finding a comfortable, professional meeting space can be a challenge.

In Boston, the Harvard Square Business Association hosts leadership meetings at a Capital One Café. The Coolidge Corner Merchants Association uses the space to meet with new residents of the neighborhood.

Both new Seattle locations will offer nooks and meeting rooms for public use as well as Peet’s coffee and treats from local bakeries, including Fuji Bakery and Standard Bakery.

Stay mobile

Thanks to phones, tablets and laptops, we can work, play and socialize almost anywhere. But using those devices on the go requires a way to recharge. Capital One Cafés offer space to plug in, plus free Wi-Fi, to keep the ideas flowing.


Chances are good that you’re doing more than one thing right now. Maybe you’re reading this on your phone while you wait in line at the grocery store. Or you’re having lunch at your desk while you check emails on your desktop and transfer funds on your phone so you can order a new carpet during your commute home.

Enjoying a coffee break in a space that offers a place to hold a meeting with colleagues or meet with a Capital One Ambassador, recharge your devices, yourself, or just use a fee-free ATM is a perfect fit with today’s busy digital lifestyle.

The Capital One Café is a new approach to banking in the Seattle region, providing a space where individuals can recharge their bank accounts, devices and lives while learning new ways to manage their finances, try innovative digital and financial tools, and grab a great cup of coffee.