Sticker prices $400,000 to $600,000.

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Following the successful test programs of its concept vehicles in 2009 and 2012, Dutch manufacturer PAL-V has begun selling its first commercial models, the Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport.

The manufacturer says its new model design has a distinct Italian flair, thanks to collaborations with leading Italian design agencies. The flying cars feature dual engines and tilting cockpits, and have been designed specifically to prevent a number of common pilot errors, says company CEO Robert Dingemanse.

“Later in 2017 we will start building a preproduction series followed by the manufacturing of the first PAL-V Libertys for our early ‘pioneer’ clients. Deliveries of road and air certificated models are scheduled by the end of 2018,” adds Dingemanse. Company vice president Mark Jennings-Bates says the Liberty Pioneer model will have a strong appeal in North American markets.

The Liberty models are priced between $400,000 and $600,000.

In other flying-car news …

Uber Technologies is speeding ahead with plans for flying cars, in an emerging field known as vertical take-off and landing aircraft, or VTOL for short. The new technology is being touted as a way to ease the mammoth traffic jams that snarl busy employment hubs such as the Bay Area.

San Francisco-based Uber, which is building a co-headquarters in Oakland, said recently it has hired Mark Moore, chief technologist with the NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia. “Uber continues to see its role as a catalyst to the growing and developing VTOL ecosystem,” said Nikhil Goel, Uber’s head of product for advanced programs.