High-mileage Oldsmobile will only run for a few months, but it does have a CD player.

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Need a car that will last you till all of spring 2017? A used-car salesman in Largo, Florida, has your back. Shelmar Roseman typically posts on his Facebook page photos and descriptions of cars that are up for sale at Journee Autos. But a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero got some extra love from the internet for Roseman’s honest depiction of the car.


Rust? Check.

Check engine light on? Most likely.

But for $900, and no less, the lucky driver will have working A/C and a CD player.

The well-loved car with over 200,000 miles received 30,000 likes and shares, and more than 22,000 comments.

“This will get you from A to B. Just dont (sic) try to make it to C,” Roseman wrote. “An (sic) don’t bring that b—- back to me.”

Roseman pulls no punches for the car’s expected expiration date, which he said would probably last the driver until the first day of summer.