After giving up cigarettes, a mechanic found himself a six-month project.

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Owners: Terry and Pam Warren, Marysville

Occupation: Terry (mechanic, Boeing), Pamela (food service, Boeing)

Car’s make and model: 1965 Kindsvater Dune Buggy

“I love my car because … I bought this car one week after I quit smoking in 2011 and when I felt like smoking I’d go out to the garage and work on it instead. It’s one of only 1,700 made and one of the first 50 to 75 of them made by Harold Kindsvater of Kindsvater Boats, Fresno, Calif. We took six months to do a ground-up restoration, taking every nut and bolt off and replacing everything that was bad. I had not done fiberglass work in 30 years but jumped right in and fixed all the holes and cracks in the body. I got it ready for a classic 1960s metal flake paint job in a one-car garage in January. Not an ideal time or place for someone that never painted a car before. It turned out great, even winning a few shows, and has given us lots of good times together.”