Antique has personality that makes every trip 'an adventure.'

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Owner:  Carole Watt, Stanwood

Occupation:  Restaurant and bar management

Car’s make and model: 1932 Chevrolet Confederate 2-Door

“I love my car because … it meant everything to my husband Carl and it reminds me of him and the passion he had for cars. Carl and his Confederate were a handsome pair, both special and blessed with longevity. Carl found this Confederate 55 years ago in New Hampshire.  It was a basket case.  He brought it home and turned it into a hot rod. I think they call it a “resto-mod” nowadays.  He replaced all of the wood in the body and put in a 350 with automatic transmission and it ran like a top.  This was his baby.  He took it everywhere and they were inseparable.

Carl loved driving it so much that he joined the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America 51 years ago.  This is a wonderful club to socialize with. I’ve enjoyed all the fun we had together participating in memorable VCCA meets all around the United States from California, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine and Alaska.  We have taken this car most everywhere except to Florida and Hawaii.   Two of the more memorable trips were ones where we experienced unfortunate circumstances.  We were 10 miles from our destination of Springfield, Illinois, when we hit a deer on the highway.  I flew home while Carl spent a long time finding replacement parts in the area before he could repair it and drive it home.  He replaced the grill, radiator, fender and other front end parts.  When we went to the National VCCA Anniversary Meet in Flint, Michigan, in 2011 it was extremely hot and we had no air conditioning.  We only made it to Wisconsin before the car and Carl both overheated.  I had to rent a truck to get us into Flint.  We still had a wonderful time.  The old car still retails some of the traits of the antique that she once was and can be temperamental at times.  But that just makes each trip I take, alone, with her now that much more of an adventure.  When the time comes I plan to pass the old Confederate on to my son with the hope that he will enjoy her as much as we did.”