Lexus, Kia, Alfa Romeo see huge jumps.

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While a familiar team may have walked off the field as the big winner of Super Bowl 51, all-new vehicles attracted the most attention of car shoppers on Edmunds, a car shopping and information platform.

Edmunds analysts tracked traffic to brand and model pages on both its desktop and mobile sites during the game to see which automotive ads were most successful in driving immediate interest. Percentage lifts are compared to average Sunday traffic levels on Edmunds.

“Using the Super Bowl to generate awareness for a new brand or product is a tried-and-true advertising tactic, and this year proved it still works,” said Jessica Caldwell, executive director of industry analysis for Edmunds. “If you think about what it takes for someone to look away from an exciting game or halftime show to go online and research something, odds are it’s because it’s something they’ve never heard of and they’re compelled to find out more. These ads could have been the first time many consumers saw models like the LC or the Niro, and Alfa Romeo is still a very new brand to many in the U.S.”

While not all brands and models who advertised saw a lift in traffic when looking at the data cumulatively for the entire game, many did see immediate spikes during the quarter their ad aired. Traffic to the Honda CR-V rose 6 percent when their ad aired in the second quarter of the game, and traffic to Honda overall rose 14 percent.

Models with the highest lifts in traffic on Edmunds:

Lexus LC 500    1,710 percent
Kia Niro        869 percent
Alfa Romeo Giulia    802 percent
Buick Cascada    459 percent
Audi S5        431 percent
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT     391 percent
Toyota Mirai    42 percent
Land Rover Range Rover    11 percent
Chevrolet Silverado 1500    5 percent
Acura RDX    4 percent