Seven-year project worth the effort, owner says.

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Owner: Ken Scott

Occupation: Retired

Car’s make and model: 1962 Nova Convertible

“I love my car because … this car is special because it came by accident. It all started with a donated 1963 four-door sedan with a bad engine. After rebuilding that engine I decided it was too good to put back in the ‘63, so I went looking for something else. One of my students told me his brother had a 1962 Nova convertible. It had been sitting on the street with no motor and in very poor overall condition. He didn’t really want to sell, so I had to pay more for it than I really wanted to, but I finally got it home.  In 1992, seven years later and with the help of my son, we finally got it on the road. It’s been on many trips, tours, cars shows and parades since, and to this date our family still enjoys this car very much.”