Hobbyist loves to cruise around Edmonds.

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Owners: Shawn and Becca Bostron, Edmonds

Occupations: Shawn (Boeing), Becca (dental hygienist)

Car’s make and model: 1969 Chevy C-10 Pickup

“I love my car because … I’m a car guy AND a truck guy. My dad was a truck guy and I’m following in his footsteps.  I started working in the car business at age 15 and spent half my life in cars and now in paint. I bought this truck four years ago as a project and finished the paint, body and interior. I enjoy detailing it. We really enjoy driving it and getting the thumbs-up and smiles. It’s enjoyable to go local cruising in it in Edmonds. It’s my special thanks to Becca and Mom and Dad for bringing me into this hobby.”