'I show it to educate the public on what used to be.'

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Owner:  Jay Smith

Occupation:  Retired

Car’s make and model:  1952 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door hardtop Hot Rod

“I love my car because … I was interested in buying an ‘old-style hot rod’ so I started shopping around.  I found this one on NW Classic Auto Mall and I liked it.  I kept looking around for something else, but I kept coming back to this car after shopping the market because I realized it was a good buy .  It has all of the older hot rod-stylee qualities.  It sports a 302 GM truck engine with a 700R4 Corvette transmission.  It has a four-barrel Edelbrock carb and a full race cam.  It has between 300 and 325 horsepower.  This Bel Air was built in Oregon by a specialty hot rod shop.  I bought it in January and have already put over 2,000 miles on it.  I’ve even taken it to a car show in Redding, California.  The ‘older rodders’ appreciate it as something like what they had.  I show it to educate the public on what used to be.  The only drawback to this car is that it can’t pass a gas station without stopping.’

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