Getting this 1948 Chevrolet home was a bit of an odyssey.

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Owners: Blanche and Dave Kosche, Lake Stevens

Occupation: Both retired teachers

Car’s make and model: 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster convertible

“I love my car because … I can fill it with gas and drive it anywhere. My wife and I have driven it to Rapid City, South Dakota, Springfield, Illinois, and all over Washington state. That wasn’t always the case. We (I) bought it sight unseen and we flew to Kansas City, Missouri, to pick it up.

The drive home was not without problems. The first occurred in Big Timber, Montana, when the float valve in the carburetor stuck open and the engine flooded. The same problem took place just outside of Missoula, and, in both cases, a handy roadside rock hammered on the carb eliminated the malady.

Our problems seemed to happen in pairs as the transmission fluid lines came off twice. Once when we were gassing up I noticed a red pool under the car and realized that some poor motorist lost his/her tranny fluid. It didn’t take too long to figure out who that poor pilgrim was.

Coming down Lolo Pass in Idaho I felt the transmission slip again. Same problem: lost fluid. Same cure: get under the car and tighten the clamps that were supposed to secure the hoses to the steel lines.

Once home I came to realize that I bought a project and not a turnkey driver. As a result I replaced all of the drive train, suspension, brakes, steering and I repaired floor and firewall issues.

Once I got all the problems sorted out I was able to drive the car with confidence.”

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