Rebuilding his Rambler Marlin was an 11-year process.

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Owner: Bill Gehring, West Seattle

Occupation: Commercial dishwasher installer

Car’s make and model: 1965 Rambler Marlin

“I love this car because  … it just looks cool!  When I was a kid I saw a picture of it in a book and vowed to buy one someday. I bought this for

$600 in 1996. I took it apart because it was in pretty bad shape. I thought I could remember how to put it back together, but couldn’t .

There are no books on “How to put your Marlin together” So I bought a beater 66 to look at, while I put mine back together. The whole thing took

about 11 years.  The reactions I get are mixed. Most people have never seen one, and think it’s beautiful. Some don’t even bat an eye.

I go to car parts stores and the kid behind the counter has no idea, what Rambler or American Motors even is.”