Conquista model is the rare V-6, with all the trimmings.

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Owner: Pat Olson, Marysville

Occupation: Boeing assembler

Car’s make and model: 1981 El Camino Conquista

“I love my car because… it has good lines and nothing on it has been modified. Since way back in my 30s I’ve always wanted an El Camino in this body style. Most Conquistas are V-8s, but this one is a 3.8 liter V-6. It’s the basic car with the fancy paint and trim package. We traded a Ranger truck for it in Wenatchee on Memorial Day two years ago. I’ve always been a Chevy guy. Their parts are readily available and they are easy to work on with simple mechanical skills and tools. Driving it around the Olympic Peninsula at the Port Angeles Vintage Chevrolet Regional Meet was really cool! This El Camino is a lot of fun for my wife, Glenda, and me, and we plan to continue to enjoy it at shows and cruises.”