Garage-door openers have seen innovations lately that make up and down downright high-tech.

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They tell your garage door to go up and down; not too complicated. But garage-door openers have seen innovations lately that make up and down downright high-tech.

“Where the innovations tend to come are in the accessories,” says Greg Bohrer, marketing manager for Precision Garage Door Service in Lynnwood.

One of the company’s newest products is a carbon monoxide detector that automatically opens the garage door if air quality becomes hazardous. Here are some other ways to make your garage door the best on the block.

Means of entry

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Add safety and convenience to your opener with a fingerprint identification system. Up to 10 unique fingerprints can be programmed into a LiftMaster Fingerprint Keyless Entry system, making a swipe of the finger the “code” to gain garage access.

A more familiar method is keyless entry, which allows access based on a coded entry pad. “If you’re out doing yard work or whatever, you can hit it, and boom — you’re back in the house,” Bohrer says.

Remote control

Another handy feature offered by several manufacturers is remote-control lighting, which turns on lights in the garage and house when the opener is activated.

Chamberlain’s MyQ technology allows you to use a smartphone or computer to remotely monitor and control a garage-door opener and 15 additional devices. The MyQ system can also be set to automatically close the door after a designated amount of time, reducing worry for those who sometimes forget.

Chamberlain also sells the Clicker Universal Remote Control, which can be programmed to operate most openers. Smartphone apps can function as your clicker as well. Apps such as MyDoor-Opener for the iPhone let users open, close and monitor a garage door. Sears has entered the field with an app for the Craftsman AssureLink system.

Pulling in

LiftMaster and Chamberlain are among the sources for laser parking assist, a device that helps guide a vehicle to a designated spot in the garage. A laser beam, activated by the opener, will track across the hood as the driver pulls forward.

For safer closing, Marantec’s openers use a motor that can vary the speed that the door closes — starting quickly and ending slowly — to prevent collision with obstructions.

Also popular: a battery backup, so the opener can operate during a power outage.