'Nothing but the best!' says proud owner of 1968 Camaro.

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Owner: Fred Ajeto, Bellevue

Occupation: Painter

Car’s make and model: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS (chromed)

“I love my car because … I’ve had this car since 1977, when I started the first of three refurbishings to get it into this condition. I did most of the mechanical assembly and paint. It was painted scarlet red with ghost flames in 1983. It’s been to all of the big shows and done well: Kingdome, Coliseum, Exhibition Center, Safeco Field. Now it’s basically a street machine. It’s FAST! It’s a supercharged 454, balanced and blueprinted. Everything is chrome- plated, polished or 24-karat gold. Nothing but the best!  My license plate reads ‘Chromed.’ ”