'I love my car because ... it's an irrational, unreasonable, emotional attachment.'

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Owner: Dr. John D. Stephens, Bellingham

Occupation: Retired

Car’s make and model: 1934 Dodge Brothers DXRR four-door sedan

“I love my car because … it’s an irrational, unreasonable, emotional attachment. I grew up in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The guy around the corner bought this car new and I would always see him driving it in the area. I always wanted it. One day, I found it on a used car lot selling for $100, so I bought it. It only had 64,000 original miles. I put it in storage when I left Australia in 1970. In 1982, my dad shipped it to me in California. A New Zealand mechanic got it running for me here. I love this car and am in the process of restoring it. Classic, vintage stock cars need to be preserved.”

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