Owner paid with cash and trailered this one home two years ago.

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Owners: Eric and Lora Seaward, Bothell

Occupation: Retired

Car’s make and model:  1960 Rambler Super

“I love my car because … my Dad bought a Rambler in 1966 when I was 13 years old.  He taught me to drive on that car and I’ve always wanted to get that car back.  Two years ago I found this car on carsonline.com. I called to buy it and the guy told me that his wife reminded him that he bought her this car for her anniversary and it wasn’t his to sell.  I asked to keep in contact with them.  This past November he sent me an email saying his wife was prepared to sell me HER car if I was still interested.  I told him I was driving back home from Newfoundland with my truck and trailer in one month so he agreed to hold it for me (with no money down) and not put it up for sale.  I drove to New Berlin, Wisconsin, and found the Rambler was in better condition than he described.  I bought it with cash and trailered it home.  This car is so nice that I have been tickled pink ever since.