Retiree has owned 1963 Plymouth since high school.

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Owner: Frank Bond, Snohomish

Occupation: Boeing retiree

Car’s make and model: 1963 Plymouth Fury

“I love my car because … this is Cecilia. She was completed on May 22 in Los Angeles, California, and shipped to Burien Chrysler-Plymouth on June 17 where her first owner purchased her. I purchased her as her second owner on June 12, 1973. I turned 16 on May 22 that year and had just gotten my driver’s license. I knew we were supposed to be together since we both have the same birthday. At the time she had only 39,000 miles on the odometer. She has been with me for almost 44 years while I completed high school, served in the United States Air Force, went to college, got married and worked through many jobs ending with a 33-year career and retirement from Boeing Co. I drove this car for an additional 250,000 miles for a grand total of 289,000 miles prior to restoring her. I completed the restoration in April of this year. She and I are ready to cruise another 250,000 miles together!”

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