Grandfather had collection of 15 Corvettes.

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Owner: Randy Koch, Gold Bar

Occupation: Machinist

Car’s make and model: 1957 custom Chevrolet Corvette  (“Ravyn”)

“I love my car because … it’s been in my family since 1978. It was both my grandfather’s and my father’s favorite toy. Growing up in our family we called it the “Batmobile.” It became mine in 2004 when my grandfather personally handed it down to me. He knew it was my favorite car in his collection of about 15 Corvettes he was selling. It is unusual because it has headlights from a 1963 Buick Riviera and the tail lights are turn signals from a 1956 Ford. I now call it Ravyn. My quest is to track down who customized this car. It was done in the mid-1960s in the Portland, Oregon, area. My grandfather, Russell Cook, bought it when living in Lake Oswego, Oregon.”