Special fabric lets you sweat in it, spill stuff on it and keep wearing it — without a wash.

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New Seattle clothing line Ably wants you to wear your gym shirt out to brunch. And then to the movies. And maybe out for drinks later that night.

The company has developed a line of clothing made of premium cotton coupled with Filium, a technology that repels liquids, stains and odors. Yup, you can just keep wearing it and wearing it, without a wash.

Spill a drink on yourself and it runs right off. Start sweating and the moisture evaporates as though you’re wearing nothing at all. The clothing also dries up to 40 percent faster than regular cotton.

Ably is launching its line of long-wear basics via a Kickstarter campaign that is well on its way to $200,000 in pledges. For a $40 pledge, you get a men’s or women’s crew-neck or V-neck T-shirt. Higher pledges can get you the line’s sleek hoodie.

All of the pieces are soft and flattering, with a tailored fit.

$40 and up at ablyapparel.com or kck.st/24uWvW2