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News Tips

General news tips: Fill out the form under “Contact the newsroom.”

Confidential news tips: See your options for contacting us with additional security to protect your identity.

Reach a specific journalist: Browse the tabs on the left side of this page to find the person you need.

The Editors

Michele Matassa Flores, executive editor
206.464.2292. Twitter: @michmflo.

Lynn Jacobson, managing editor
206.464.2714. Twitter: @lynnjacobson.

Danny Gawlowski, assistant managing editor
206.464.2450. Twitter: @gawlowski.

Naomi Ishisaka, assistant managing editor 
206.652.6522. Twitter: @naomiishisaka.

Frank Mina, assistant managing editor
206.464.2573. Twitter: @FMina.


Paul Barrett, sports editor
206.464.2093. Twitter: @paulbarrett6.

Jodie DeJonge, metro editor
206.464.2440. Twitter: @jdejonge.

Stefanie Loh, features editor
206.464.8994. Twitter: @StefanieLoh.

Jonathan Martin, investigations editor
206.464.2605. Twitter: @jmartin206.

Business & Tech


Rami Grunbaum, business editor
206.464.8541. Twitter: @rgrunbaum.

Ryan Blethen, assistant business editor
206.464.2210. Twitter: @RyanBlethen.

Levi Pulkkinen, assistant business editor
206.464.3193. Twitter: @levipulk.

Judy Averill, business producer

Dominic Gates, Boeing & aerospace reporter
206.464.2963. Twitter: @dominicgates.

Heidi Groover, real estate reporter
206.464.8273. Twitter: @heidigroover.

Paul Roberts, business reporter
206.464.2951. Twitter: @Pauledroberts.

Jon Talton, columnist Twitter: @JonTalton.



Danny Gawlowski, assistant managing editor
206.464.2450. Twitter: @gawlowski.

Cal Lundmark, digital editor
206.464.2565. Twitter: @calundmark.

Newsroom Producers, 206.464.2558.

Jeff Albertson, metro producer
206.464.2304. Twitter: @Jeff_Albertson.

Agnes Al-Shibibi, opinion desk editor

Michelle Archer, news producer

Judy Averill, business producer

Chris Cole, sports producer
206.464.2229. Twitter: @ccole20.

Qina Liu, news producer
206.464.2203. Twitter: @qinaliu.


Ryan Nguyen, news producer
206.464.2984. Twitter: @ryannguy_n.

Tony Thai, news producer
206.464.2357. Twitter: @tonythethaiger1.

Jazmin Tolliver, news producer
206.464.2532. Twitter: @callherloislane.

Anika Varty, news producer
206.464.2569. Twitter: @anikavarty.

Vonnai Phair, features producer
206.464.3190. Twitter: @vonnaiphair.



Stefanie Loh, features editor (direct contact for food, drink-related stories)
206.464.8994. Twitter: @StefanieLoh.

Janet Tu, assistant features editor (direct contact for arts and entertainment-related stories)
206.464.2272. Twitter: @janettu.

Trevor Lenzmeier, assistant features editor (direct contact for travel, outdoors, TV and culture-related stories)
206.464.8995. Twitter: @TrevLenz.

Vonnai Phair, features producer
206.464.2757. Twitter: @vonnaiphair.

Tyler Agafonov, books coordinator
206.652.6534. Twitter: @tyleragafonov.

Brendan Kiley, arts & culture writer
206.464.2507. Twitter: @brendankiley.

Moira Macdonald, arts critic
206.464.2725. Twitter: @moiraverse.

Crystal Paul, theater & communities reporter
206.464.2113. Twitter: @CPLHouse. Instagram: @cplhouse.

Michael Rietmulder, music writer
206.652.6590. Twitter: @mrietmulder.

Lori Taki-Uno, desk editor and freelance movies coordinator


Graphics & Design

Frank Mina, assistant managing editor
206.464.2573. Twitter: @FMina.

Emily Eng, graphics editor
206.515.5636. Twitter: @Emily_M_Eng.

Wayne Begasse, page designer

Gabriel Campanario, Seattle Sketcher columnist
206.464.8795. Twitter: @SeattleSketcher.

Lauren Flannery, graphic artist
206.464.2169. Twitter: @LaurenFlannery3.

Stephanie Hays, page designer
206.464.2144. Twitter: @sterphanerhers

Jennifer Luxton, page designer Twitter: @JenniferLuxton.

David Miller, page designer

Mark Nowlin, lead graphic artist

Rita Wong, page designer



Jonathan Martin, investigations editor
206.464.2605. Twitter: @jmartin206.

Taylor Blatchford, engagement editor
206.464.2280. Twitter: @blatchfordtr.

Sydney Brownstone, reporter
206.464.3225. Twitter: @sydbrownstone.

Asia Fields, reporter
206.464.2521. Twitter: @asiakmfields.

Daniel Gilbert, reporter
206.464.2288. Twitter: @ByDanielGilbert.

Patrick Malone, reporter
206.464.2231. Twitter: @pmalonedc.

Rebecca Moss, reporter
206.464.2234. Twitter: @RebeccaKMoss.

Lulu Ramadan, reporter
206.464.2331. Twitter: @luluramadan.

Mike Reicher, reporter
206.464.2289. Twitter: @mreicher.

Manuel Villa, data journalist
206.464.2262. Twitter: @mvilla1859.

Miyoko Wolf, news researcher


Click here to send us a confidential news tip.



Stefanie Loh, features editor (direct contact for food, drink-related stories)
206.464.8994. Twitter: @StefanieLoh.

Janet Tu, assistant features editor (direct contact for arts and entertainment-related stories)
206.464.2272. Twitter: @janettu.

Trevor Lenzmeier, assistant features editor (direct contact for travel, outdoors, TV and culture-related stories)
206.464.8995. Twitter: @TrevLenz.

Vonnai Phair, features producer
206.464.2757. Twitter: @vonnaiphair.

Bethany Jean Clement, food writer
206.464.2050. Twitter: @BJeanClement.

Brendan Kiley, travel, arts and culture reporter
206.464.2507. Twitter: @brendankiley.

Crystal Paul, theater & communities reporter
206.464.2113. Twitter: @CPLHouse. Instagram: @cplhouse.

Gregory Scruggs, outdoors reporter

Jackie Varriano, neighborhoods food writer
206.464.2225. Twitter: @JackieVarriano.

Tan Vinh, food writer
206.515.5656. Twitter: @tanvinhseattle.

Local News


Metro Desk, 206.464.2204.

Jodie DeJonge, metro editor
206.464.2440. Twitter: @jdejonge.

Molly Harbarger, Project Homeless editor
206.464.2924. Twitter: @MollyHarbarger.

Yihyun Jeong, breaking news editor
(206) 464-2283. Twitter: @yihyun_jeong.

Beth Kaiman, deputy metro editor

Katherine Long, Education Lab editor
206.464.2219. Twitter: @KatherineLong.

Diana Samuels, Mental Health Project editor
206.464.2074. Twitter: @dzsamuels.

Anika Varty, morning editor
206.464.2569. Twitter: @ anikavarty .

Carlton Winfrey, politics editor
206.464.2075. Twitter: @ CarltonWinfrey .

Benjamin Woodard, environment editor
206.464.2236. Twitter: @benjamdub.

Jeff Albertson, metro producer
206.464.2304. Twitter: @Jeff_Albertson.

Gene Balk, FYI Guy columnist
206.515.5052. Twitter: @genebalk.

Michelle Baruchman, Mental Health engagement editor
206.652.6588. Twitter: @mlbaruchman.

Dahlia Bazzaz, education reporter
206.464.8522. Twitter: @dahliabazzaz.

Daniel Beekman, politics and communities reporter
206.464.2164. Twitter: @DBeekman.

Hal Bernton, environment reporter
206.464.2581. Twitter: @hbernton.

Jim Brunner, politics reporter
206.515.5628. Twitter: @Jim_Brunner

Mike Carter, criminal justice reporter
206.464.3706. Twitter: @stimesmcarter.

Christine Clarridge, AM breaking news reporter
206.464.8983. Twitter: @seaclarridge.

Paige Cornwell, Eastside reporter
206.464.2530. Twitter: @pgcornwell.

Hannah Furfaro, Mental Health reporter Twitter: @HannahFurfaro.

Sara Jean Green, criminal justice reporter
206.515.5654. Twitter: @SJGTimes.

Scott Greenstone, Project Homeless reporter
206-464-8545. Twitter: @evergreenstone.

David Gutman, politics reporter
206.464.2926. Twitter: @davidlgutman.

Naomi Ishisaka, assistant managing editor and social justice columnist
206.652.6522. Twitter: @naomiishisaka.

Esmy Jimenez, Mental Health reporter Twitter: @esmyjimenez.

Lewis Kamb, reporter
206.464.2932. Twitter: @lewiskamb.

David Kroman, Traffic Lab reporter
206.464.3196. Twitter: @KromanDavid.

Erik Lacitis, reporter
206.464.2237. Twitter: @ErikLacitis.

Mike Lindblom, Traffic Lab reporter
206.515.5631. Twitter: @MikeLindblom.

Lynda V. Mapes, environment reporter
206.464.2515. Twitter: @LyndaVMapes.

Joseph O’Sullivan, state government reporter
360.236.8268. Twitter: @OlympiaJoe.

Anna Patrick, Project Homeless engagement editor
206.464.2157. Twitter: @annaleapatrick.

Nina Shapiro, immigration reporter
206.464.3303. Twitter: @NinaShapiro.

Jenn Smith, Education Lab engagement editor
206.464.2925. Twitter: @JennSmith_Ink.

Elise Takahama, health reporter
360.236.8268. Twitter: @elisetakahama.

Sarah Grace Taylor, Seattle City Hall reporter
206.464.2166. Twitter: @_SarahGTaylor.

Danny Westneat, columnist

Miyoko Wolf, news researcher

Daisy Zavala, night reporter
206.464.2499. Twitter: @daisyzavv.

Amanda Zhou, Afternoon breaking news and enterprise reporter
206.464.2508. Twitter: @AmondoZhou.

News Columnists


Jon Talton comments on economic news, issues and trends, with an emphasis on Seattle and the Northwest. Twitter: @JonTalton.


Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario illustrates life in the Puget Sound region. He has been living and drawing in Seattle since 2006. 206-464-8795. Twitter: @SeattleSketcher.


FYI Guy Gene Balk crunches the numbers. Gene first came to The Seattle Times as a news librarian in 2002 and has transitioned into the go-to data columnist in the region. 206.515.5052. Twitter: @GeneBalk.

Naomi Ishisaka writes about race, culture and equity, through a social-justice lens. 206.652.6522. Twitter: @naomiishisaka.

Danny Westneat takes an opinionated look at the Puget Sound region's news, people and politics. 206.464.2086.


Geoff Baker is a sports enterprise and investigative reporter for The Seattle Times who writes a column on hockey. 206.464.8286. Twitter: @GeoffBakerTimes.

Matt Calkins joined The Seattle Times in August 2015 as a sports columnist after three years at the San Diego Union Tribune. Never afraid to take a stand or go off the beaten path, Matt enjoys writing about the human condition every bit as much as walk-offs or buzzer-beaters. His mom reads the comments, so take it easy on him. 206.464.3185. Twitter: @matt_calkins.

Bob Condotta covers the Seahawks for the Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout the year. 206.515.5699. Twitter: @bcondotta.

Dwight Perry uses Sideline Chatter as a not-so-safe haven for the humorous, offbeat and bizarre events and characters that color the sports landscape. 206.464.8250.

Larry Stone gives his opinion and analysis on the world of sports. 206.464.3146. Twitter: @StoneLarry.

News Copy Desk

Melissa Davis, PM news desk chief, A1 and Evening Brief editor

Kris Higginson, AM news desk chief and Morning Brief editor

Laura Gordon, news coordinator
206.464.2955. Twitter: @LaGoSea.

Agnes Al-Shibibi, opinion desk editor

Karen Cater, news desk editor

Raquel Comerford, news desk editor

Rob Davila, news desk editor
206.464.2730. Twitter: @jrobdavila.

Julie Hanson, news desk editor

Ann Hart, news desk editor

Bill Lewis, news desk editor

Angela Lo, news desk editor

Carole McClosky, news desk editor

Neena Pellegrini, news desk editor

Larissa Pfeifer, news desk editor

Craig Reese, news desk editor

Laura Schinagle, news desk editor
206.464.3293. Twitter: @schibagel.

Elouise Schumacher, news desk editor

Lori Taki-Uno, news desk editor



Editorial board members:

Kate Riley is the editorial page editor, who works with The Times editorial board to develop the opinion page's positions on issues. She joined The Times' editorial page in 2002 as a writer and columnist. A graduate of Redmond High School and the University of Washington, she returned to the Seattle area after spending 17 years working at Eastern Washington newspapers where she was a reporter, editorial writer and editorial page editor. She started her career as a farm writer for the Times-owned Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (Think Walla Walla Sweet Onions and the wine industry.) 206-464-2260. Twitter: @k8riley.

Mark Higgins is the deputy opinion editor. As a member of The Times editorial board, Mark helps lead the daily conversation in selecting and shaping our editorial stance while overseeing digital and print production as well as social media. He also wrangles our guest opinion writers, seeking out influential thinkers who want to share their ideas on local, national and international news, Northwest culture and much more. Before joining the board, Mark was the senior digital editor at and edited the online coverage and presentation of the devastating Oso landslide, a newsroom-wide effort that was awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news. Before his deep-dive into digital publishing, Mark was metro editor at The Times. Under his leadership, the newsroom won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for its coverage online and in print of the murder of four police officers. A graduate of Western Washington University, Mark has worked at six other newspapers, including the Orange County (Calif.) Register and Seattle P-I. 206-464-2094. Twitter: @MarkHiggins.

Brier Dudley joined the editorial board after 14 years covering Microsoft and the technology industry, including nine years writing a technology column on the business page. A third-generation Seattleite, he received a bachelor’s degree in English from Whitman College and studied film production in Italy before starting a career in newspapers. He has won numerous journalism awards and several oyster-eating competitions. 206-515-5687. Twitter: @BrierDudley.

Jennifer Hemmingsen joined The Seattle Times editorial board in 2019. A recent transplant to the Puget Sound region, Jennifer has worked as a reporter and opinion writer for community newspapers in the Cayman Islands, Oregon, Minnesota and Iowa. She has a Master’s degree in journalism from The University of Iowa and is an alumna of the American Society of News Editors Emerging Leaders Institute. She lives on Bainbridge Island with her family. 206-464-8235. Twitter: @jhemmingsen.

Derrick Nunnally writes for the editorial board after 15 years of reporting news and sports at newspapers across America, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Advocate of Baton Rouge, La. Derrick was born in Alabama, raised in Mississippi and received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Columbia University in New York, where he also worked as a researcher for legendary newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin. As a Washington resident since 2015, Derrick has covered the legislature for the Associated Press and environmental concerns for The News Tribune of Tacoma, and worked outside of journalism as a writer for Washington’s Secretary of State. 206-464-2578. Twitter: @dcnunnally.

Pacific NW Magazine


Bill Reader, magazine editor

Sandy Deneau Dunham, magazine associate editor

Sandi Doughton, reporter
206.464.2491. Twitter: @SandiDoughton.

David Miller, art director

Photo & Video


Danny Gawlowski, assistant managing editor
206.464.2450. Twitter: @gawlowski.

Angie Gottschalk, photo editor

Fred Nelson, photo editor

Cara Brannan, associate photo editor

Ellen Banner, photographer

Alan Berner, photographer

Corinne Chin, senior video journalist; Diversity & Inclusion Task Force lead
206.464.2387. Twitter: @CorinneChin.

Colin Diltz, digital production assistant

Ramon Dompor, video journalist
206.652.6555. Twitter: @ramondompor.

Lauren Frohne, lead video journalist
206.464.2049. Twitter: @laurenfrohne.

Brandon Garcia, digital production assistant

Greg Gilbert, photographer

Bettina Hansen, photographer
206.464.2175. Twitter: @bettinahansen.

Ken Lambert, photographer
206.515.5581. Twitter: @SeaTimesFotoKen.

Travis Ness, digital production assistant

Courtney Blethen Riffkin, digital production assistant
206.464.1941. Twitter: @courtneyblethen.

Steve Ringman, photographer
206.464.8143. Twitter: @sringman.

Dean Rutz, photographer
206.464.8303. Twitter: @deanrutz.

Erika Schultz, photographer
206.464.8145. Twitter: @ErikaJSchultz.

Amanda Snyder, digital production assistant / photographer
206.652.6527. Twitter: @amandamsnyder.



Paul Barrett, sports editor
206.464.2093. Twitter: @paulbarrett6.

Herron Miller, sports desk editor

Kelly Ward, assistant sports editor
206.652.6190. Twitter: @kellynnward.

Sean Quinton, assistant sports editor
206.652.6188. Twitter: @Quinton_Sean.

Chris Cole, sports producer
206.464.2229. Twitter: @ccole20.

Percy Allen, basketball reporter
206.464.2278. Twitter: @percyallen.

Geoff Baker, enterprise and hockey reporter
206.464.8286. Twitter: @GeoffBakerTIMES.

Rich Boudet, sports page designer and graphic artist

Matt Calkins, sports columnist
206.464.3185. Twitter: @Matt_Calkins.

Michael Chin, sports news assistant

Bob Condotta, pro football reporter
206.515.5699. Twitter: @bcondotta.

Ryan Divish, baseball reporter
206.464.2373. Twitter: @RyanDivish.

Steve Dominguez, sports desk editor

Jayda Evans, soccer and high-school sports reporter
206.464.2067. Twitter: @JaydaEvans.

Tony Guadagnoli, sports desk editor

Scott Hanson, sports reporter/desk editor
206.464.2943. Twitter: @shansonSeaTimes.

Marisa Ingemi, hockey reporter
206.464.3290. Twitter: @marisa_ingemi.

Nathan Joyce, high-school sports coordinator
206.464.2176. Twitter: @NathanAJoyce.

Adam Jude, enterprise and pro football reporter
206.464.2364. Twitter: @A_Jude.

Mart Koivastik, sports desk editor

Tony Lariccia, sports designer
206.464.3298. Twitter: @TBLariccia.

Dwight Perry, sports desk editor

Larry Stone, sports columnist
206.464.3146. Twitter: @StoneLarry.

Mike Vorel, UW football reporter
206.464.3292. Twitter: @MikeVorel.