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The city of Seattle has surplus stuff for sale most of the time so we took a look at what’s available now… (We’re not sure how up-to-date everything is so you’d better double check anything we say.)

A typewriter… You remember those, right? $10-$20. (We think there was only one and if it’s still there, it’s a miracle.)

This could be interesting: Misc. Cell Phones $5. They’re iPhones, we’re sure.

And there are always the old street signs. The signs have to be replaced from time to time due to wear, wayward cars smashing into them and so on. The city sells off the old signs, so if you’re interested, give them a call or mosey on down to the city’s surplus warehouse and have a look. (We’re not responsible if someone has already bought one of these things…)

And speaking of street signs, the first or last name of each of the celebrities listed below is also the name of one of our Seattle streets. So if you admire the star, wouldn’t it be great to have a street sign with his or her name on it? OK, maybe not so much. Take a guess. What are the street names?

Mischa Barton, Dakota Fanning, Harrison Ford, Homer Simpson, Kate Hudson, Tim McGraw, Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder

We also thought it might be nice to have a collection of signs for a few of our streets named after trees. See the chart over there.