Aging prospects

The Mariners, in their current youth obsession, must surely realize that a few of their star prospects are getting up there, in baseball years. Jake Fraley is 24. Ian Miller is 27. Justin Dunn is 24 in September. Evan White is 23. Don Thompson-Williams is 24.

What are the Mariners waiting for?

Brian Soergel, Edmonds

Lots of mistakes

This season has never been about win/loss record, and as a season-ticket holder, I had little expectation to be competitive, but I figured that we would see just a hint of the future. Was that hint watching three runners picked off trying to score and a fourth at first base, all in the same game?

Zygi Goldenberg, Seattle


Players sure like moving around

I have been watching with interest the latest player movements in the NBA. What is frustrating is watching players who move to a new team and, as they negotiate a huge new contract, they seem to only to be interested in decreasing the length of the contract in case they want to move on sooner. How can the players or the NBA expect fans to have any long-term loyalty to a team? Do you really want to follow Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard to their new team every year or two? Is that sustainable or even interesting?

Steve Alberts, Vashon


New Seattle GM has time to plan

He has a couple of years to scout and draft well (Geoff Baker: “Multiyear deal signed, Seattle NHL general manager Ron Francis gets to work: ‘We’ve got a blank canvas’ ”). But first up is putting together the expansion roster. He knows the current players and there should be a whole lot of third- or fourth-line players ready to move up, given the opportunity. There should be some salary dumps and draft pick trades as well.

Quinalt (online comment)


Phil’s diet

I realize everybody prepares for a major in different ways, but Phil Mickelson going on a fast at his age hardly makes any sense. I hope he enjoyed the steak and baked potato with all the fixings as he flew back after missing the cut.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

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