Seahawks QB Russell Wilson says after an off-season working on building leg strength he feels like he is 18 years old.

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Russell Wilson had age and years on his mind when he met the media Wednesday after the Seahawks’ second mini-camp practice.

The age was a young one — 18.

“Whenever somebody asks me how I feel, I say ‘I feel like I am 18,’’’ said Wilson, who in actuality is 27. “I am not sure if that is the question they are trying to ask, but that is what I have in my head. That is just kind of the mentality and I think the biggest thing is continue to push myself in the weight room, in the running and the strength work. I am doing a lot of shoulder work just to make sure my arm is ready to go and strong and stronger than ever and it is definitely paying off. You just keep your head down and keep working.’’

The years on his mind were 15, the number of seasons he said he hopes to play on top of the four he already has, which would have him playing until past age 40. Wilson said if he continues to keep his legs strong then it may be possible.

“I want to play 15-plus more years and a big part of that is taking care of my legs and getting stronger, but also getting more flexible, more mobile, that’s a big part of it,’’ he said. “Especially the way I play, I want to be able to get away from guys, but also move efficiently. Move efficiently inside the pocket and all that, so a lot of that is leg strength….

“I want to keep using that. Keep using that for speed and strength and most importantly throwing the football. That is a big part of it and as you go on and play sixteen games, hopefully nineteen and hopefully you win on nineteen, but you just play one game at a time and that allows you to. That longevity is crucial.’’

Wilson also raved about the progress of the offense so far.

“For minicamp we are as good as it can get,’’ he said. “I think this is the best it has been in four or five years, fifth year going on for me, but it has just been exciting. We are practicing really well, the rookies look really professional.

“I think once you have kind of been here for a while you kind of know. We know how we want to approach practice. We know how we want to take advantage of every opportunity that we have had. We also know what it takes to win a lot of games. For us, the leaders on the team or the veterans on the team, we are trying to show the younger guys and they are coming along right away. They are ready to go, so it has been fun practice.’’