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At Manolin: smoked Arctic char, turnip, brown butter, and mustard, $9.
At Manolin: smoked Arctic char, turnip, brown butter, and mustard, $9.

The week in Seattle food

By Bethany Jean Clement

Seattle Times Food Writer


Manolin’s menu: Click to enlarge
Manolin’s menu: Click to enlarge

MANOLIN is brand-new in Wallingford/Fremont, down the street from The Whale Wins, and it looks great. Owner Rachel Johnson worked at the Whale, while other-owner Joe Sundberg comes from The Walrus and the Carpenter; Whale-and-Walrus owner Renee Erickson is having her company holiday party at Manolin, which is maybe the world’s best endorsement. See the opening menu at right. MORE > > >

LARK reopens tonight at 952 E. Seneca St., behind the Garage, just a few blocks from its original location. The new Lark joins Trove in the nascent multipartite-restaurant trend: It’s also got an oyster-and-other-raw-fish-and-aperitif-and-amaro bar called Bitter/Raw, with sandwiches-and-pie place Slab Sandwich + Pie coming soon, all from John Sundstrom. Much excitement surrounding this one… MORE > > >  and EVEN MORE > > >

CANTINA LEÑA is a downtown order-at-the-counter Mexican spot, with slushy-machine margaritas, tortillas made with masa ground on-site, and a 10-foot-long raised fire pit (for cooking, not for sitting around). In fact, it’s an all wood-fired kitchen, “no gas burners or electric ovens here.” Tom Douglas made it (of course). MORE > > >

HIMALAYAN SHERPA HOUSE is open in the former Eva space in Green Lake/Tangletown, serving Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan food made by Mt.-Everest-climbing chef Jangbu Sherpa. MORE > > >

KATSU BURGER — which reopened in Georgetown at the end of September, to fans’ huge relief — now has a second location in Bellevue, bringing the gigantic Mt. Fuji burger closer to Eastside mouths. MORE > > >

THE WESTY sports bar is open in West Seattle in a space that used to be a medical-marijuana dispensaryMORE > > >

BASIL & JAVI’S FRESH FOOD NOW is an all-vegan food truck now parked in Ballard. MORE> > >


PERCY’S & CO. in Ballard has a new chef with a good-looking resume: Derek May, formerly of Quinn’s, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives, AQUA and Sushi Ran in San Francisco. And new sous chef Sam West trained at Brooklyn’s Marlow & Sons and Marlow & Daughters before working with May at Anchovies & Olives. Percy’s also looks especially old-timey-festive at the holidays… MORE > > >


A&J MEATS on Queen Anne closed last week after 63 years, to the neighborhood’s sorrow. But amid tons of rumors, second-generation owner Rick Friar — who had worked at the shop since he was 11 — tells me he has at least two parties interested in taking over (though he was not at liberty to say who). Stay tuned! MORE > > >

YOUR FAVORITE FAST-FOOD PLACE might be closed today (Thursday, Dec. 4); Washington fast food workers are joining another nationwide strike for a $15/hour wage. You really should read this for MORE > > >


REPEAL DAY: It’s tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 5), in case you need an excuse to drinkMORE > > >

WINTER BEER FEST: It’s also tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 5), in case you need an excuse to drink a lot of great beerMORE > > >

ST. NICHOLAS DAY: It’s this Saturday (Dec.  6) at Rhein Haus, which is donating 20% of the day’s proceeds to (the great) Treehouse. An excuse to eat, drink, and play bocce all day — it’s for the kids! MORE > > >

COMMUNION BRUNCH: It’s a pop-up from Monica Dimas (mkt., Monsoon, Spinasse, Le Pichet, Campagne) with “Mexican hangover food” for brunch throughout December, Saturdays from noon to 3 p.m. at Nacho Borracho and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Rhino Room. December is a prime month for hangovers, and Dimas makes great food, so… MORE > > >