Los Angeles-based SGN intends to use Fat Rascal as the cornerstone for a Seattle-area outpost in hopes of expanding it into a major gaming studio.

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Fat Rascal Games, a year-old Kirkland video game studio behind “Poker Heroes,” has been scooped up by a larger company.

SGN, a Los Angeles-based maker of mobile games, intends to use Fat Rascal as the cornerstone for a Seattle-area outpost it hopes to grow into a major gaming studio, said Chris DeWolfe, SGN’s chief executive.

Fat Rascal has about 15 employees. DeWolfe said he hopes to expand the office to more than 100 people in coming years.

“In Seattle, you can grow and build a big gaming company because there is so much talent there,” said DeWolfe, who earlier in his career co-founded MySpace. “Seattle is arguably the capital of mobile games.”

SGN’s games include “Cookie Jam” and “Panda Pop.”

Gaming on smartphones and tablets, which tends to favor smaller puzzle or reflex games than the blockbuster titles on consoles or PC, is a fast-growing corner of the video game industry. Seattle was an early leader in the casual gaming genre, and home to the likes of Big Fish Games and PopCap. Both firms were acquired by larger companies.

Fat Rascal was founded last year by a group of game-industry veterans, including alumni of development teams at Zynga, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and PopCap.

SGN also announced on Wednesday that it had acquired Palo Alto, Calif., studio Kiwi.

The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deals.