More illuminating than Brian Williams' de facto ouster by NBCUniversal were the cries of righteous indignation leading up to it, from nearly everyone involved.

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So all that late-night creative storytelling finally caught up with Brian Williams, the market-leading news reader for NBC.

More illuminating than his de facto ouster by NBCUniversal were the cries of righteous indignation leading up to it, from nearly everyone involved:

• NBC News executives, who have profited splendidly from Williams’ celebrity status, puffed with disgust over what proved to be embellishments over a faux war-correspondent role that they personally engineered, pegging his suspension to a violation of “public trust” in their company that appears to exist only in their own minds.

• Self-appointed media critics reacted with similar white-hot rage to Williams’ transgressions, noting the critical role in saving democracy played by ensuring that a person beyond reproach occupy Williams’ seat on a national news show watched on a regular basis primarily by some people’s parents.

Whatever gets you through the day, folks.

More harrumphing:

Seriously, people: Is it even possible that news read by a returned Williams could actually lack more credibility — coming as it does from that parent-company paragon of corporate integrity, democratic values and consumer fairness, Comcast — than it did before the fib fest? Discuss.

Slow Down, Pardner: OK, we get the city of Seattle’s desire to cut local traffic deaths to nothing by slowing speeds on city arterials and whatnot. But someone needs to inform them that the safety program’s moniker, “Vision Zero,” already is a copyrighted trademark of the Washington state Legislature.

Doin’ the Rubeola Shuffle: Some people in Spokane are trying to oust an anti-vaccination genius, City Council member Mike Fagan, from the regional health board. It’s in keeping with the local tradition of freeing simpleton pols from menial daily chores so they can be fast-tracked straight to Congress.

Speaking of Spokelahoma: Weather folks were scratching their heads over the source of some gray, grimy grit that fell with rain showers in the area on Feb. 6. Lacking a better explanation, we’re sticking with the logical theory that it must’ve come from Tacoma.

Therm-A-Restless: Seattle’s Cascade Designs, a mainstay outdoor-gear manufacturer, is moving some of its jobs to Nevada, because of the high cost of doing business in Seattle. Hey, maybe the mayor and county exec can cook up a plan to give them a couple hundred million in public assistance to keep them here.

Sorry, Our Mistake: That offer is only extended to stupid-rich guys.

All Hail the Student Athlete: So very generous of the education-first folks at the University of Nike at Eugene to step up and fulfill the academic dreams of graduating Eastern Washington University quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. He’ll begin his graduate studies in tacky-uniform management in the fall — and reportedly play football if he can spare the class time.

Important Weather Update: Man, you people back in Boston, shutting down schools and staying home from work just because of a half-dozen feet of snow, sure are weenies. By the way, could someone be a dear and pass us that pitcher of mai tais?

And Finally: Congrats to Seattle’s Amanda Knox, who is engaged to be married. Raise your hand if you’ve already conjured a wedding scene involving the “Is there anyone here who objects …” question and crazed Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.