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April 17, 12:25 p.m. Local Origami artist Ray Takeuchi teaches visitors the art of paper folding during the Japanese Cultural Festival. [View larger]
I met Ray Takeuchi during the Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival at Seattle Center last Friday. Takeuchi is a Seattle native with a passion and a talent for Origami. His mother was born in Japan and taught him the craft when he was a kid. Now, he is continuing the tradition and teaching others how to make incredible things out of square pieces of paper –the pros use bigger sizes and shapes, he said.
As we chatted about the art of folding paper, he showed me the steps to create a “fortune teller” or the much more complicated “Iris” flower.
Ray and other local paper-folding enthusiasts meet regularly at the Bellevue Regional Library. Their group is very appropriately called PAPER (Puget Area Paperfolding Enthusiasts Roundtable.) They also belong to a much larger group called Origami USA. You get the idea, Origami is big!