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There was a collective sigh of relief last night as rescuers quickly discovered there were no fatalities after the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River collapsed after it was struck by a semi-truck. Motorist traveling in the area of Mount Vernon should expect traffic delays. Detour routes can be found here.  Investigators are at work this morning to determine the extent of damage to the remaining bridge pieces. Any fix could be weeks away, or longer.

OK, the weather forecast for this holiday weekend looks a little spotty, but take your sunscreen for those breaks in the cloud cover. Turns out, most of us know the drill here on sunscreen. Our FYI Guy wrote this post on just how much we use the stuff.  New data reveal that, despite the persistent atmospheric gloom here, Seattleites are among the most dedicated sunscreen users in the United States.

The draft pot rules for Washington state are now available, and there are a lot of questions. You’re invited to join us at noon today for a  live chat with Seattle Times reporter Bob Young, who wrote earlier this week about Seattle’s take on the rules. Joining Bob will be Rick Garza, Liquor Control Board deputy director, Alison Holcomb, ACLU of Washington drug-policy director, and pot dispensary owner John Davis.

The two big Northwest music festivals — Sasquatch and Folklife — are about to get under way. We’re there bringing you the best of the lineups. Keep up with our new music blog, Soundposts.

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