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In one of the more bizarre cases of domestic violence, The Daily Herald reports that an Everett woman attacked her sleeping husband after stocking up on roasting pans and plastic sheeting.

The 43-year-old woman, charged Nov. 4 with first-degree domestic violence assault and now in jail, recently underwent a mental health check at Western State Hospital, Herald writer Rikki King reported.

The woman reportedly told police her husband was attacked by an intruder that night and that she is innocent.

The woman’s husband had a different story. He told police he woke up to a Sawzall blade vibrating on his neck with his wife holding the tool. He escaped the house and later was treated at an area hospital for minor cuts and injuries.

Police recovered from the home a Sawzall, a mallet and a hatchet that was wet from apparent washing, documents show. All of the items appeared new and reportedly didn’t belong to the husband, who said he also found  eight aluminum roasting pans under the kitchen sink.

He told police that he usually used only one pan to make Thanksgiving dinner, so he didn’t know why there were so many in the house.